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Perfect Pumpkin Garland

Updated: Jan 15

It's almost fall...but still in the 90's here in Georgia. That doesn't mean we can't start thinking about decorating, though! Read below to find out how I made these adorable pumpkin garlands.

My friend found this antique hand-quilted quilt at an estate sale. It had fall written all over it! It's been my new mission lately to recycle and reuse old quilts. To give them new life and be enjoyed again! I had this idea for a pumpkin garland, and this quilt was the perfect medium.

I found a raggy applique pumpkin machine embroidery file on Etsy years ago and have used it many times! (Find it here). After hooping some tear away stabilizer and the quilt, I attached it to my embroidery machine. Instead of going through with the thread changing, I just did the two steps that included the pumpkin and stem. I skipped the vines, then cut out roughly 1/4" around the pumpkin.

After making several of these, I sewed the tip of the stem to a piece of jute, and spaced them about 6" apart.

I also used the same method with this Art Gallery fabric. Both turned out so cute!


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