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Quilting Series

If learning how to quilt has been on your list, you have come to the right place! In this seven part series, we dive into the wonderful world of quilting. From fabric selection and cutting all the way to binding...this beginner friendly journey leaves nothing out. Let's make a quilt together from start to finish!


Beginner Quilting Series


Beginner Quilting Series

part 03

batting, backing & basting

Beginner Quilting Series

part 06

free-motion quilting 

Beginner Quilting Series

part 01

fabric selection & cutting

Beginner Quilting Series

part 04

deciding how to quilt it

Free-Motion Quilting Example

part 02

quilt layout & piecing

Beginner Quilting Series~mv2.jpg.webp

part 05

walking foot quilting

Beginner Quilting Series

part 07

squaring & binding

Beginner Quilting Series

what others are saying

I'm brand new to sewing in general and I am so glad that I found your channel! I'm going to start my first quilt very soon and this series has been so helpful compared to other videos I have watched. When you say "beginner", you mean it! You don't assume people know what everything is and you explained it all so well! I will definitely be rewatching this series as I go. Thank you so much!!


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Southern Sewing Co. on YouTube
Southern Sewing Co.


Each part in the Beginner Quilting Series includes a detailed blog post and YouTube video! Each video goes in-depth on the topics covered as we work to make a quilt together! The best part? It's FREE!

 what's included?

  • Step-by-step instructions about quilting, start to finish

  • Money saving tips and helpful tricks for beginners

  • Introduction to quilting with a walking and free-motion foot

  • Beginner-friendly quilt pattern that's easy to follow


Beginner Quilting Series
Southern Sewing Co.


Looking to get started quilting but not sure what supplies you'll need? While everything you need is explained and linked in the BQS, I've created an Amazon page with all of my most-used supplies! You can also find the fabric used below.

Fabric Used

Service 2

Finished Size: 45" x 54"

  • 2 Charm Packs- Quilt Top

  • 1-yard Fabric- Quilt Top

  • 1/2 yard- Binding

  • 3-yards- Backing

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