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Vintage Quilted Stocking Tutorial

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Can you believe Christmas is almost here!? While the leaves still fall here in Georgia, we are already creating for the holiday season.

My lovely friend Terra recently found 2 vintage quilt at estate sales. One is pictured above. I'm so excited she found these beauties. They have so much history and yet, so much life left. Over the past 6 months, I've enjoyed recycling old quilts into something that can be enjoyed daily. This has included purses, duffle bags to scale or 100%, and now, new Christmas stockings! This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a stocking with two different options for the hanger. Please note, these stockings are unlined. The inside showcases the beautiful backing of the quilt, which I love!

Supplies for the Stocking

For the Hanger:



  • Download the free pattern template above. Print to scale, or 100% then, cut and tape together the 4 pages along the dashed lines.

  • Cut out your stocking pieces from your quilt. Cut one with the template facing up, then cut another with the template upside down.

Use your template to audition different pieces of the quilt to figure out what would look best on your stocking. Save your favorites for the front and maybe use the not-so-great pieces for the back. Remember, you have to flip the template over to cut out a reverse side for the stocking.

  • Reduce the bulk at the top of each stocking side.

The video below shows how I do this. Gently cut the hand stitching from the top 1" of each stocking piece, separating the batting and quilt top/bottom as you go. Next, carefully cut about 1/2" of quilt backing (which would be the inside of your stocking) and batting from of the stocking. Do this along the top of both stocking pieces. This will allow you to double-fold the main fabric towards the inside while also reducing the bulk from the batting.

Now it's time to sew the stocking together:

  • Place stocking pieces right sides together and clip.

  • Sew along the sides and bottom edge with a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving the top of the stocking open.

  • Turn the stocking right side out, wrong sides now facing together.

  • To create a finished edge along the top, double-fold the top down to create a hemmed edge and pin it in place using your sewing clips.

  1. If you are using jute or cord as your stocking hanger, cut a 5"-6" piece. Align it on the inside of the stocking, on the side that has the heel. Secure it in place with clips. To use leather and rivets, skip ahead.

  • Top stitch around the top of the stocking. If using cording/jute, back-stitch over it to secure it.

To use Leather/Rivets:

I purchased this rivet set from Amazon and have used it countless times! Punch two holes, 1/2" apart on the leather and the stocking. When creating the holes in the stocking, don't make them in the seam. Offset them about 1/4" to the right of the seam, towards the front of the stocking. The video below shows a quick overview of how I attached my leather pieces to my stocking.

These were made with jute. I used both the front and back of the quilt as my main pieces here.

There are so many ways to make these yours! Add some flare, buttons, or cuff at the top and share your finished product :)

Where to look for Vintage Quilts

Not sure where to find vintage quilts? I found my first one on eBay (searching for Vintage Cutter Quilts). Here, they can be purchased in pieces that are perfect for small projects, or you can find whole quilts to cut yourself! Some are more expensive than others and the price can depend on things such as condition, age, and size.

Other great places to find them are estate sales, yard sales, and sometimes through online Destash groups, such as Facebook Marketplace.


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