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Small Business Ideas: Inexpensive Baby Quilt Packaging

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

One of my favorite things to do, aside from sewing, is packaging up a quilt. It requires lots of care, just like making a quilt. All that hard work deserves to be shown off and not just shoved in a box! Plus, your packaging is the FIRST thing that someone sees when they open their mailbox and unwrap their package. If you're a business owner or even someone looking to package their gift to ship...I hope this tutorial helps to give you some ideas!

Below, you will find the products that I love to use to package my baby quilts. If you've read more than one post here, you'll see that I love shopping on Amazon! We live in a small town not so close to stores. It's much more cost-efficient to shop online in bulk! Scroll down to see how I use each. We will be packaging a 36" x 42" baby quilt to ship today.

Broken down like this, the packaging is very inexpensive! While you'll have to go back for more tissue paper and mailers, things like ribbons, tags, and stickers will last you a LONG time.

Packaging Links:

P.S.: If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products that I’ve personally vetted and loved. Southern Sewing Co. is reader-supported. Affiliate links help me to offer this content to you for free :)

These are a perfect, inexpensive addition to any package, even if it's not a quilt! It comes with a small floral card with a sweet message and a mini envelope. It's also the perfect size to fit my 2.5" business cards. For every order, I write a personalized message and include my business card. Message, card, envelope, BAM. Adding personalization, such as the customer's name and a thank you, helps them to feel special and makes them more likely to shop with you again in the future. For the package of 40, that makes them only .28 cents each!

The stickers fit perfectly over the kraft brown tags. Paired with ribbon, they are a beautiful touch to a packaged quilt! This roll of stickers comes with 500, which is a little less than 0.02 cents each. They don't have to only be used on the tags...put them on the outside of packages!

3. Consider an extra item made just for your customer!

For each baby quilt I create, I use the scrap fabric to make a pacifier clip to add to their packaging! They're quick, very inexpensive and customers LOVE them! Each pacifier clip costs me less than $1 to make. Find a tutorial to make these here. This, plus creating a personalized card just for your customers, helps to create an experience just for them. They will forever remember their purchase from your business and continue to shop with you. They'll hopefully even recommend you to others!

4. Poly Mailers Instead of Boxes:

I have been using poly mailers in place of boxes wherever possible. They're easy to store, less bulky for our mail carrier (when he needs to pick up 10 packages) and not to mention they come in adorable prints! While you can get poly mailers on Amazon here, I have been purchasing mine from ShipNFun on Etsy for years (find them here). Their 12" x 15.5" size fits baby quilts perfectly and their 14x17 fits most smaller lap quilts. Anything bigger unfortunately will have to go in a box.

I hope this helps inspire you with your small business packaging! Leave me a comment and let me know things you'd like me to share in the future.

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