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How to Make a Pacifier Clip-Video Tutorial

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

I feel as though this post could also double from a 'tutorial' to a money-saving hack for parents like me, whose small children couldn't live without a pacifier. As I originally started making these to sell, I quickly became my best customer!

I'm excited to share this super easy tutorial with you. These are perfect for a quick gift, to use up some scraps, or to add to your Baby Name Quilt gift. If you have scrap fabric, this project is very inexpensive! The supplies below total around $10 and will make 25 pacifier clips, with plenty of elastic cord to spare.


P.S.: If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products that I’ve personally vetted and loved. Southern Sewing Co. is reader-supported. Affiliate links help me to offer this content to you for free :)


-Fold your fabric in half (longways and wrong sides together) and iron to create a crease. Unfold. You should now have a center line in your fabric.

-Bring each long, unfinished side to meet this center line, then iron.

-On one end of your fabric, make a 1/4" fold and iron. Keep in mind- if your fabric is directional, this folded side will serve as the 'top' of the pacifier clip.

-Fold your fabric in half and press.

-Cut a 4" piece of elastic cord. Fold in half, and place 1/2" of the ends inside the top of the folded fabric. Clip into place.

-Starting along the open side, sew up the long edge and turn. Sew across the elastic cord you tucked inside the folded fabric. Backstitch and go over again just for security here. Turn and sew down the other long side.

-Slip the raw edge of your fabric into your pacifier clip. Fold the fabric up 1/4" then fold again about 1/2". If you're extra fancy you can iron this. Or just meet this fold with the body of your pacifier clip and sew it in place. Backstitch.

That's it! I hope this tutorial saves you lots of money on having to buy these little guys from the store when your baby loses their 27th pacifier this month!


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