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Hand-Embroidered Swaddle FAQ

Updated: Jul 12

This week, I am so excited to share answers to the most asked questions that I receive about how to hand embroider a swaddle blanket. If you haven’t seen this tutorial yet or are curious about how to get started hand embroidering a swaddle just click here.

*AVAILABLE NOW: New Personalized Hand-Embroidered Swaddle Kits! If you don’t feel like purchasing everything separately, I’ve created a kit, just for you! This includes everything you need including your choice of swaddle and thread plus a personalized piece of stabilizer in your choice of font! Click here to shop:

Part One: Troubleshooting Tension Issues

I love connecting with viewers on all platforms! On my blog, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest...I see every comment, message, and inquiry. I especially love troubleshooting and helping people work through problems that they may be having with quilting and hand embroidery. Things may seem so easy on YouTube and Instagram but in reality, they take time to develop the skills; much like anything! My goal in this business is to help others learn how to sew and hopefully find a love for it, just like I do!

Today, I’m sharing an answer to a question for Jessica at Liberty Lane Blossoms. Jessica messaged me on Instagram and needed help! After mentioning that her swaddle looked “saggy” after hand embroidery, I knew exactly what her problem could be. So today we’re diving deeper into how to achieve the right tension on your swaddle blanket.  Hoop tension is something that I get a lot of questions on and I’m so happy that Jessica reached out to me and inspired me to do this series of videos this week.

Check out today's video and let's dive right in!

Part Two: Tracing on to Stabilizer

Today, I’m answering kind of a funny question that I get all the time. Allie from Pinterest recently asked what the blue contraption is that I use to trace my names from. I get this all the time and it always makes me laugh. It’s got a great story behind it too! Check out today’s video to it.

This is a Crayola Tracing Pad and one of my most used products in my sewing room! Before this, I would tape my name to an open window. Life has gotten a little easier since then!

Part Three: Achieving Consistent Chain Stitches

It’s day three! One of the most asked questions I receive about how to hand-embroider a swaddle blanket is how to achieve consistent chain stitches and how to make them look great! Don’t get me wrong…it may look easy, but it does take practice. You can definitely do this though! Check out today's video for a helpful tip on how you can be more consistent with your chain stitches.

Part Four: Easy Needle Threading Tool

Next up in the hand-embroidered swaddle FAQ series…Carolyn emailed me and asked for tips on threading an embroidery needle. I know how frustrating it can be to try to get all 6 strands of floss through one tiny eye…while I may be old school with my threading methods, I have found a little tool to make things easier! Check out today’s video to learn more:)

Day Five: All About the Best Stabilizer for Swaddles

Last and most certainly not least in our Hand-Embroidered Swaddle FAQ Series…Stephanie from Instagram asked what kind of stabilizer I love and why! She’s definitely not alone in this question. I get this a lot!

Check out today's video for more information about my favorite swaddle stabilizer and why!


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