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Drop-Cloth Microwavable Bowl Coozie

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Get ready for your mind to be blown...and your hands to never be burned again. And to never spill another bowl of hot liquid all over yourself, because you didn't anticipate the bowl being so hot!

Let me introduce you to your new best friend in the kitchen....

This is a microwaveable bowl coozie. However, I hate the word coozie, so I'm still working on a name! They are made from a cotton drop-cloth canvas and 100% cotton batting. They are safe to be microwaved and they keep your hands from burning as you take this delicious soup to your table.

These have been a life saver for me! My kids love a nice bowl of Ramen Noodles or soup. And every.single.time. I either spill it all over my hands because it's hot or get my favorite kitchen towel dirty trying to wrap it around the bowl to carry it. Insert that 'ah ha' moment!

A new pattern and tutorial will be available soon for these!

My new friend, Maryann- who is a incredibly gifted potter, (find her by clicking here) had me make some of these to sell at her and MillTown Soap Company's booth over at Old Mill Market, in Forsyth, GA. They're made from drop-cloth canvas and also a nice linen fabric. Check them out in their new home-

These couldn't be easier to make! Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter for an update when the pattern is available :) Until next time...happy sewing!


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