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Updated: Apr 10, 2022

I recently had some reach out to me via Etsy about making a quilt for her daughter coming soon. I always feel a little flutter of excitement inside when I hear my phone ding signifying a message from Etsy! I know the possibilities are endless and there's a chance to create something new.

The new customer is a beautiful painter from Texas- she and her husband are welcoming their first babygirl into the world soon! Addison needed a quilt. She loved the look of the lattice quilt I made for Kensleigh (you can find that one here) but wanted the squares to be as pictured instead of rotated and viewed as diamonds.

You can find the tutorial to the lattice quilt from the The Diary of a Quilter by clicking here! I was able to use this exact pattern and just rotate it, taking out the triangular corner pieces and just doing an all around border. The result was beautiful!

All of the fabrics were chosen by the mother from Spoonflower. She also wanted a white backing. I quilted it with an all-over meandering line! See the quilting process in a time-lapse below.

We even included Addison's name on the back, which was a beautiful touch! I can't wait to see this quilt with it's new babygirl.



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