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Valentine's Day Scrappy Heart Sweatshirt Applique

Valentine's Day is almost here! Today, I'm sharing this adorable scrap-busting applique project. Let's get started!


-Heart Shaped Downloadable PDF Template (below)

Untitled design
Download PDF • 32KB

-Scrap Fabric

-Basic Fabric Cutting Supplies (Rotary Blade, Quilting Ruler, Cuting Mat)


-Sewing Machine


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-First, determine what size heart you'd like on your sweatshirt (or whatever item you're using) by measuring the area. I decided to go with a 6.5" heart.

You can download the free PDF template above!

You can also trace your own heart in the desired size or create one in Canva as I did in the video. Print out your template.

-Next, determine how big of a square you want to use for the scraps in your heart. I wanted a smaller, 1" size block. You can choose whatever size you'd like! When cutting out your blocks, don't forget to account for seam allowance. I cut all of my blocks to 1.5" square so that once I sewed them all together using 1/4" seam allowance on each side, they would end up being 1" blocks.

-Cut blocks from each of your scraps. It's best to cut more than you need so that you can play with the arrangement of the blocks. I had a pretty good sized stack of each. If you'd rather not have any left over, and are using my template and cutting 1.5" blocks, you need about 36 blocks.

-Lay out your heart paper template. Using your cut squares, start arranging them in rows on top of your template. Your goal is to have the entire heart template covered.

Keep in mind: as you sew with a 1/4" seam allowance, your blocks are getting smaller. You will need to add more blocks than you think!

-Sew your blocks into rows. After that, come back to your heart template and see how it's looking! You can still add blocks in if your rows aren't wide enough to cover your entire heart. You want a little overage on all sides of your heart.

-Once you're happy, sew your rows together. I decided to off-set my rows and not nest any seams. This created a more interest patchwork and also kept any long straight lines from forming. Plus it was just easier to do.

This is what my scraps looked like pieced together in the end.

-Next, using your Tracing Pad or an open window, trace your heart onto the HeatnBond Lite. Cut around the heart, leaving about 1/4" border.

-Flip your scrap work over to the back and lay your newly traced heart on top. Arrange the heart so that your scraps fit inside. Notice below, the outline of my heart doesn't go past any seams or block edges. Fuse your traced heart to the back of your scrap patchwork and carefully cut out.

-Find the centerpoint to your sweatshirt by folding in half and ironing. We can now match up this line with the centerpoint of our patchwork heart! Fuse in place according to the package directions on the HeatnBond Lite.

-Top-stitch around your heart by staying as close to the edge as possible.

That's it! I chose to take the cuteness level a step further by hand-embroidering 'love you.' along the bottom since this is for my daughter. I used all 6 strands of floss and a back-stitch!

I hope you enjoy making this! I am all about using some of my scraps and this is a great way! Let me know in the comments what you plan on making for Valentine's Day...or what you're doing with your scaps these days!



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