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T-Shirt Strawberry Quilt

Updated: Jan 15

Would you believe me if I told you that these strawberries were made from t-shirts, pajamas, and a dish towel?

Yep! From those.

And then to these:

A customer reached out to me after both of her in-laws passed away within a month of each other. She had all of their clothing and wanted to do something special for her granddaughter, who was about to turn one. To make it even better, she decided to add in something that was hers and her husband's. She found this strawberry quilt pattern. I adjusted the number of strawberries in this quilt to create a baby quilt.

The trickiest part about piecing these blocks was using the dish towel (the red/white fabric). It was very thick compared to my usual quilting cotton! I had to be careful with seam allowances here. Other than that, I followed the instructions carefully! In the end, it worked out fine. It was very hard to tell that these were originally t-shirts. To make a special quilt even BETTER, my customer wanted to add ruffles and lace to the border. This was a new concept to me as a quilter. I'm all about that binding. However, I made it work!

This was definitely one of the most intricate baby quilts I have completed to date. But it is well worth it to have so much history and love in one quilt!



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