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T-Shirt Quilt Frequently Asked Questions

I know that you may have a lot of questions about having a quilt made. Trusting someone with your most prized possessions isn't something that should be done without careful consideration. I'm honored that you're here! Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that I see. If you have a question that I haven't answered, feel free to contact me here or at

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How are t-shirt quilts made?

-Great question! I specialize in puzzle style t-shirt quilts (more on this below).

After receiving your shirts, I carefully go through them in preparation for cutting. Each shirt is carefully cut according to the graphic/design on it. We don't cut all of the shirts the same. What makes a great puzzle quilt is a variety of block sizes! After the shirts are cut, I can send you the size that the quilt can be for your approval. There is some wiggle room here!

After we agree on a size, I get to work designing the puzzle. Once complete, I will lay out the blocks and send a photo for your approval before any sewing happens. I can move around blocks of your choosing. Next, they are meticulously sewn together, and ready for quilting! The last choice for you to make is what color or pattern you'd like for the quilt backing fabric. After your backing has been selected, the last stop is to quilt your t-shirt quilt. Once complete, the quilt is and ready to come back to you!

What is a puzzle t-shirt quilt and what are the benefits?

  • A puzzle t-shirt quilt refers to a variety of block sizes and shapes that are arranged in a 'puzzled' fashion. They are very intriguing to look at and unique compared to a traditional t-shirt quilt that has many same sized blocks.

  • Another benefit of this style, is that each shirt design is encompassed. Traditional quilts that utilize the same sized blocks run the risk of cutting through a shirt design to maintain block size. For puzzle quilts, I cut the block size according to what's on the shirt!

How many shirts do I need?

Below is a table with a rough idea as to how many shirts you may need for a certain sized quilt. Keep in mind...this is an estimate and the number of blocks/shirts varies based on shirt and shirt design size, and if we're using the front and backs of each. In the past, this table has been pretty close! I can't give you an exact size until I finish cutting the blocks. More on pricing information below.

What condition should my shirts be in?

Please make sure that your shirts are cleaned, folded and free from any major wrinkles. Ironing is definitely my least favorite aspect of sewing so I will charge you to iron haha.

What types of shirts am I allowed to use?

Great question! Button downs, collared shirts, sweatshirts and jerseys are all acceptable. I do my best to utilize the buttons, pockets and collars from various shirts where possible. Keep in mind, collars can be tricky and not always used. I will always communicate with you during the cutting process if I have any questions or need to ask you something. Pricing will vary with the use of different types of shirts because they may be more difficult to work with. Reach out to me with any questions at

How are quilts priced and how much will mine cost?

Below is a table that includes pricing information. Please note...these are very generalized pricing estimates given as a guide! Specific pricing depends on factors such as shirt material, shirt sizing, exact size of the quilt and other varying factors. Feel free to reach out to me with questions. I'm happy to hear about what you need and your thoughts! I'm very fair with pricing. I'm not in this business to make a killing...I honestly love doing this. With that said though, these quilts take hours and hours of tedious work for both me and the machines that I own.

Just like anything handmade, there is so much time spent carefully cutting, constructing and sewing your quilt. Each quilt is given the time it deserves and nothing is ever rushed. I price quilts according to the countless hours spent work on them.

How does the process work?

  1. After receiving your shirts, I carefully cut them into blocks based on the shirt design.

  2. I will reach out to you with the size your quilt will be (there's a little wiggle room here).

  3. After we agree on a size, I spend some time arranging them into a puzzle design.

  4. Your blocks will be laid out and a photo will be sent to you for approval. This is usually when a backing fabric is chosen.

  5. Once approved, they are carefully sewn together.

  6. Lastly, your t-shirt quilt is quilted, bound and returned to you to love!

What size will my quilt be?

Finished quilt size can vary depending on t-shirt sizing and design elements on the shirts that need to be cut out. The table below gives a pretty generalized idea as to what size your quilt may be. However, exact size can't be given until after cutting. The estimates are usually pretty close!

At this time, I'm unable to create a quilt wider than 84". If you have enough shirts that would create a King sized quilt, I can split them into two separate smaller quilts.

What goes on the back of the quilt?

The choice is yours! While many select a solid color fabric that coordinates with the front, others choose things a little more specific. I've also used baseball and football fabric for sports lovers and seashells fabric for a beach lover!

What type of quilting do you do?

I like to use an all-over, free motioned meandering line on t-shirt quilts. It keeps your eye moving around the quilt without taking away from the designs like some more dense quilting may do. If you prefer a different style of quilting, please reach out to me :) 

What happens to my shirts when you're finished?

If you don't want your cut shirts returned, I can keep them for disposal. However, some people choose to keep their cut shirts for future projects or memorial purposes. If you'd like your shirts back, let me know upfront please! I will take care to preserve as much of the shirt as possible while cutting blocks from them.

Will I get to see a preview?

Definitely! Once shirts are cut and a finished quilt size is agreed on, I will lay out the shirts in the puzzle pieced fashion. A preview photo will be sent to you for approval before any sewing happens, much like the photo below. At this point, I can't change the 'puzzle' design, but I can switch around any same sized blocks. After you're happy with the layout, I will sew them together.

How long will my quilt take to make?

Lead time can vary depending on the season. Generally, I would plan about three weeks but please reach out to me for a current lead time.

Do you make non-local quilts?

Sure! The only difference here would be shipping your shirts to me and me shipping the quilt back to you. The cost of the quilt remains the same but the buyer is responsible for shipping costs both ways. Your quilt cannot be mailed back to you until full payment is received.

Do you only make puzzle style quilts with shirts?

Definitely not! I love using shirts in different projects as it brings such sentimental value to it! I've used shirts to create baby quilts, Christmas stockings and various other types of quilts. I'm just replacing what would usually be quilting cotton with your shirts. Reach out to me with your ideas!


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