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The Best Sewing Room Organizing Finds

Updated: Jan 11

I've spent many years in my sewing room and getting comfortable with the lay of the land. With that being said...I've also accumulated a lot of things! Fabric, notions, needles, bobbins, thread, you name it! Plus, over the past couple of years I have entered into the world of leather crafting and bag making. This is an entirely different set of notions such as rivets, D-rings, clasps, and stabilizers, oh my! My sewing room basically has two different worlds- quilting and leather/bags. Kind of a light and a dark side in my mind. I like to keep things as organized as possible!

I'm sharing my most favorite sewing room organizational finds (in no certain order). What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

  1. Bead Cases for Notions

This is probably my most used organizing item. In the world of leather craft, there are so many little items including different-sized rivets, clasps, D-rings, etc. However, this is pretty much true for any sewing genre. Hand-embroidery and quilting included! I have a couple of these plastic divider containers that I use daily. They are great for keeping like-minded items together and in a reachable place that can also be moved from table to table. This is also fantastic for hand-embroidery floss!

These smaller containers measure 11" x 7".

2. Sewing Ruler Holder

Another one of my 'used daily' items! This item is fantastic for holding quilting rulers. And many of them! It's a nice way to keep your rulers organized and off of your table. They can easily be grabbed and then put back. This one has lasted me years and was TOTALLY worth it. Plus, these are handmade in a variety of lengths and colors! They're also available in standing form instead of mounted.

3. Rolling Cart

My kids love to use this as much as I do! One of my favorite ways to use my rolling cart is to keep it near me while I'm quilting. It holds my longarm pins and quilting rulers. I can move it with me as I transition down a quilt on my longarm!

This is also a great way to keep pens, scissors, ruler tapes, and canisters in one place. The second shelf is my catch-all for sewing patterns that I need to keep handy. My favorite thing about this setup is that it moves! I can roll it nearest where I'm working for quick access to all the things.

4. Peg Board with Organizing Inserts

This is a fairly new addition to my sewing room that I love. It's a great place for all of my tools, straps, and odd things like ribbons and scissors. In the past, things like this were just shoved into a box and very difficult to access. Here, I can easily grab what I need and then return it to its home.'s lifted off of the ground and out of arm's reach from my littlest one.

-The peg board was purchased at Home Depot. It's a 24" x 48" and was about $10.

5. Comic Book Boards for Fabric Organization

This is a unique find! These comic book boards are sturdy and a great size to wrap the fabric around to neatly store. It makes a big difference on the shelf and looks much neater instead of just folding. These come in packs of 100 on Amazon and are fairly inexpensive. You can get a pretty good head start organizing your fabric stash with one purchase! In the YouTube video above, I show you the easiest way to wrap the fabric around them.

6. Mini Plastic Drawers

Another one of my most used items! Each drawer has a different function including ric-rac, logo tags, sewing machine needles and longarm pieces, and clips. Everything is in one place, organized and easy to find! I purchased two of these from Amazon.

7. Thread spool stands

I've recently upgraded to my second spool stand! These are great for organizing all things on a spool. My smaller, wooden stand contains all small spooled thread and the bobbins to match. My larger spool stand holds all of the extras that didn't fit on the smaller stand, along with any large pools, tulle, longarm bobbins, leather lace, etc. They can be screwed into the wall or standing on a shelf for easy access. These were both purchased on Amazon!

That's all for now! I plan to update this post with any new finds. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite sewing room storage or organizational finds are!

Until next time, happy sewing!



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