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Beginner Quilt Series- Introduction

Updated: Feb 20

Looking to learn something new this year? If making a quilt is on your list, you’ve come to the right place! In this series, I’m going to show you from start to finish how to create your very first quilt!

We’ll talk about fabric selection, cutting, piecing, quilting, and binding! I’ll be sharing some tricks that I’ve learned throughout the years. We will also discuss some tools you need and don’t need to make quilting easier. If this sounds like something that interests you…subscribe to my email list! I will be releasing a new part of the series on my blog with a YouTube video weekly.

I've designed a beginner-friendly quilt pattern specifically for this series. Together, we will be making it! Specific information about what you need for the quilt is available each week in the blog posts and YouTube videos. If you'd like to follow along with me in this series here are the fabric supplies you'll need below. You can also use the information given in the series just to learn or follow along with me. Use this series however you want!

Beginner Quilting Series Fabric Requirements:

Finished Size: 45" x 54"

2 Charm Packs- Quilt Top

1-yard Fabric- Quilt Top

1/2 yard- Binding

3-yards- Backing

Let's look ahead at what you can expect in each part of the series:

Part One: Fabric Selection & Cutting- Here, we will dive into the world of fabric! We will discuss the different types of precut fabrics and how you can choose and cut your own fabric. We will also discuss the most necessary tools you need to succeed in cutting.

Part Two: Quilt Layout & Piecing- This is the fun part! We will lay out our quilt blocks first. I will walk you through some things to think about while doing this as well as a few tricks to keep your quilt balanced. Then, I'll share an easy way to piece them all together and talk about seam allowance and nesting seams.

Part Three: Batting, Backing & Basting- Now that our quilt top is put together, we can discuss different types of batting! We will also be discussing how to create the backing for your quilt and how to baste our quilt together. I'll share the two most used methods and the tools that you'll need.

Part Four: Beginner Quilting Guide & Set Up- We have two options quilting or quilting with a walking foot. In this part of the series, I will discuss how to set your machine up for both! How you proceed in this series is kind of a 'choose your adventure'. If you'd like to quilt with a walking foot, continue to part five. If you want to try free-motion quilting, continue to part six!

Part Five: Quilting with a Walking Foot- This is essentially the easiest way to quilt your quilt and the one I recommend most when you're starting out! We will use a walking foot and discuss the different ways you can finish your quilt by using it.

Part Six: Beginner Free-Motion Quilting- If you're feeling adventurous, you've come to the right place! I will discuss the essentials of free-motion quilting here. It's not hard and you can do this! We will also discuss a few different options of free-motion designs that you can use to finish your quilt.

Part Seven: Squaring & Binding- This is definitely an important part that is overlooked! We will discuss how to take your quilted quilt and get it ready for the last step; binding. I'll share a beginner-friendly way to bind your quilt.

Part Eight: Quilting FAQ- You did it!! Your quilt should be all complete! For this last part of the series, I will be compiling the most asked questions and putting them together here. Have a question? Let me know in the comments box or contact me! Your question may be featured in this series.

Let me know in the comment box what has been the hardest thing to figure out while beginning to make a quilt. See you in week one!


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