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Framing a Quilt Block

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Fun story about me...I am really great at starting block challenges from various fabric designers...not so great at finishing them! I get so excited about the beautiful quilt blocks that I'm creating and just want to do something with them now! In my last tutorial about repurposing unused quilt blocks, we talked about attaching them to the back of jackets or sweatshirts. Today, we're brightening up my sewing room!


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  • Frame: The one shown here is from a 2-pack on Amazon. It measures 12" x 12" and has mat inlays to accommodate both 10" x 10" or 8" x 8" sizings.

  • Quilt Block: (more on this below)

  • Tape

More about the quilt block: The quilt block shown here is from the Riley Blake Designs Block Challenge 2023. This is block number three, Threaded, by Christopher Thompson. Find this free pattern here!

More about the fabric: I purchased this collection from the Cotton Bolt on Etsy. It was a curated fat quarter bundle with both Art Gallery Fabrics and Moda. Find it here.

  1. Select the quilt block that you'd like to use and measure it. The quilt block that I'm using is 10.5". I went on Amazon and looked up '10x10 picture frames' and was directed to the one you see in my photos! It actually measures 12" x 12" but it also has two mat inlays that can accommodate a 10" x 10" photo or an 8" x 8" photo. I loved the mat inlay in this frame!

  2. Ensure that your quilt block is square, and a little bigger than your actual frame. You need a tiny bit extra all around your quilt to have a place to tape it securely.

  3. Remove the backing from your picture frame.

  4. Place your quilt block inside, right side down. Keep in mind if your block is directional and which side you'd like to be at the top. If you are unsure as to how it will look, carefully hold your block in place and flip the frame over for a sneak peek.

  5. Once you're satisfied, tape all along the edges of the quilt block to the mat inlay so that it's secure and flat.

  6. Reinsert the frame backing.

  7. Flip over and admire! This is definitely my favorite part.

I hope this post inspires you to think outside the box (or quilt) with your blocks. The possibilities are endless! This new framed block will be perfectly hung in my sewing room.

Have you found any cool ideas for your quilt blocks??


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