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New Year, New Plan

With the start of a new year, I think of all the possibilities. How spotless my house will be, a new workout and clean-eating regime, that mother of the year award I will be getting... but what have I accomplished so far?? Definitely not a clean house. And no, I haven't worked out yet, or eaten any healthy things. I also can't remember when my children showered last...

But I have started Riley Blake Design's 2022 Block Challenge! I'm feeling pretty proud about this, ya'll!

Each Tuesday from January until May (with the exception of the last Tuesday of the month) Riley Blake Designs will release a new 10" block pattern. The result will be a beautiful, and surprise quilt! Find the details about the challenge by clicking here.

As many seamstresses can relate to, I have far too much fabric and too few projects (and time). I fell in love with this curated Art Gallery fabric collection from Olivia Jean Quilt Co. and used it create a beautiful baby quilt for my new friend Allison.

With some scraps to spare, I decided to take on this challenge! I can't wait to see what the future holds with these blocks. Although, I know my house is going to get dirty despite my best efforts, and my children still need to be fed even though I fed them 5 hours ago, sewing is the one constant in my life that makes me feel like I actually accomplish something. Bring it on, Riley Blake!


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